Beyond colors, my artworks go beyond capturing shades and lights, which I admired so much while gazing at church stained glass windows. They Reveal a genuine passion for issues ti the preservation of nature and water.

This environmental sensitivity stems from my childhood. During every free moment, I observed trees, insects on the walls of my garden, and in the summer, it was stones throught the water of rivers and sunsets.

Being self-taugh, my distinctive technique sometimes evokes serene lakes, crystalline rivers, or, on the contrary, torrential waterfalls where stones and small animals hide.

I don't just aim to harmonize my canvases; I draw a parallel with the delicate balance that exists in nature; It's a silent cry in favor of the preservation of nature and water.


Expositions 2023

Exposition à  Daimaru Kobe   du 6 au 12 sept JAPON

Galerie Vellutini  SOLO SHOW du 14 septembre au 7 octobre , 85 rue Guénegaud Paris 6ème

Exposition SOLO SHOW chez Thales septembre Gennevilliers  92 

Art Cité  expo de groupe Halle Roublot Fontenay sous bois 94

Carré des Coignards 19 octobre au 5 novembre  Nogent-sur-Marne 94   


 Expositions 2024

Hotel de Ville Ballancourt 91  janvier à mars

Comparaisons  salon Art en Capital  février Paris

Centre d'art d'Issoire ( 22 juin - 15 septembre )  63


Galerie Hurtebize Cannes 06

Galerie sophie Lévèque Verdun 55

Galerie Saint Jean Chalon sur Saone 71